‘Cook Free or Die’ Fundraising T-Shirt


I am offering these t-shirts for sale in support of my friend Beth Aretsky who recently lost someone especially close to her, but in so many ways close to loads of us, in Tony Bourdain.

Tony was a real friend to a lot people I know, not just Grillbitch herself, but also so many others who worked with him. Beyond that though, he was an inspirational figure to so many of us in the food industry thanks to his searing honesty, enthusiasm for new experiences and new places and his ability to cut through the bullshit that seems to be such a part of everyday life. He really felt like one of us.

We lost this man like we lose so many others, as casualties of the pressure and stresses of life that can be so difficult and Beth has made Tony’s iconic t-shirts a way to raise funds for suicide prevention and US friends can click on her link to buy them direct. https://grillbitch.org/

I really felt I wanted to do something to help this effort here in the UK and so I am organising to get a load printed here for people that want to show their support and help raise funds for such an important cause here in the UK. After all, the pressures involved don’t know any national borders.

I’ll be printing these up in batches so please, if you want one, order now and you will get one each time we reach a batch number that allows a print run. Please specify the size you require in the notes at checkout (S,M,L,XL,XXL). Your support on this is most appreciated and 100% of profits will be passed through to¬† the suicide prevention fundraiser.

Let’s look out for one another and remember a great fella.

Love to all, John x