Half Pig Box

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Thanks to the recent increase in our herd numbers we are so pleased to be able to offer our fresh, pasture raised, slow grown Pork once again. (available monthly from July 2017 by pre-order here only)

This sensational meat is aged longer, fed only fresh food (no concentrates) and lives a great outdoor life and all of this is reflected in the flavour!

Each side of Pork is butchered into:

2 x Bone in Leg joints
1 x ½ Belly roasting joint
1 x ½ Belly in slices
1 x ½ Bone in Loin roasting joint
1 x ½ Loin as boneless chops
1 x Shoulder Blade Joint

1 x Shoulder (Hand) Joint

2 x 500g Diced pork
2 x 500g Minced Pork

Average 23-25Kg

Custom cutting available (usually at no extra cost) subject to receipt of cutting list.

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