• Baganza

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    Our simple and delicious Felino style salami with garlic, black pepper and red wine.

  • Cacciatore

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    Traditional ‘hunters sausage’ flavoured with coarsely ground black and white peppercorns, garlic and whole coriander seeds.

  • Our interpretation of a wonderful Riojano recipe, blending sweet wine, garlic and of course a rich mix of smoked sweet Spanish paprika provides an instantly recognisable soft chorizo. Finely diced fat and wonderful sticky lean meat from our pastured pork make this traditional embutido one to keep coming back to.

  • Finocchiona

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    Our interpretation of this Tuscan style fennel salami featuring our woodland pork, hand cut fat and main notes of coarsely ground organic fennel seed and freshly ground black pepper.

  • Infiammare

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    One of our favourite recipes which blends classical Italian flavours through our hand cut woodland pork and then adds a nice kick of heat from dried perperoncino flakes to finish.