Spanish Inspired

Our range of fresh Spanish inspired ‘Embutidos’ reflect the wonderful regional variations within the country. From warm and complex spicing to wonderfully simple each has there own strength and flexibility. They can blend perfectly into a huge range of culinary possibilities, grilled, poached, in soups, stews, canelone fillings, bean or lentil dishes there are a million ways to use these and discover the rich tastes of Spain and get a taste of all of its own historical influences.

  • A timeless classic from a centuries old recipe found in Barcelona. A magic ratio of fine sea salt to freshly ground black pepper makes the beauty of this sausage its simplicity. Gluten Free.

  • Another simple and timeless recipe with a heavy infusion of garlic and wine to create a perfect meal with just fresh crusty bread and some spicy beans. Gluten Free.

  • A fresh version of our popular dried chorizo. Seasoned with lovely smoked paprika de la vera and Pedro Ximenez sherry. We love it sliced across the top of our patatas bravas. Gluten Free.

  • A fragrant Aragonese recipe with oregano, anise, clove and cumin. A real traditional spanish fresh sausage that will be the centre piece of any meal. Gluten Free.