Quiet Waters Originals

This is where we get really carried away! we have always developed all of our own prizewinning recipes but whilst many of these are about researching and perfecting blends that represent well known or traditional varieties here we look at bringing you entirely original recipes just because they work so well. These will all give you a unique treat and may prove habit forming…

  • Inspired by one of our favourite roast dinners, this recipe uses a homemade apple and sparkling perry sauce with a subtle hint of star anise that all go together to create an almost sweet yet delicate flavour that is the perfect compliment to our slow grown meat.

  • Wonderful rich sweetness from high quality dark chocolate mingles with the fruity smoked flavour of the deep purple Pasilla peppers amongst the pork in this sausage all topped off with a high quality beer. A truly delicious recipe that goes well in a Dog, with a Mole, or just all on its own with a bottle of something cold!

  • A lovely pork sausage with the rich, earthy sweetness of beetroot cut through with a lovely hint of fennel seed and ground pistachio. Amazing colours and tastes on your plate.

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    Maybe not really a ‘Quiet Waters Original’ but we have no other category for this lovely South African recipe. Made with highly spiced Beef brisket, pork and packed in fat 1/2Kg coils. We have used a traditional approach to spicing and making. Toasted Coriander, Clove, Pepper, Allspice and grape vinegar give it a good authentic taste. Perfect for your Braai. Gluten Free

  • A beautiful blend with our own sweet, sticky caramelised onion chutney, infusing the whole sausage with a wonderful rich flavour throughout the sausage. Great with a simple mash.

  • A supremely tasty grilling sausage, succulent chicken, smoked bacon and a creamy, yummy sauce binding it all together.

    Limited run summer special – these are so tasty it may be worth stocking up!

    Min pack weight 440g

  • Great tasting sausage made with a home prepared sweet chilli sauce and freshly grated lime zest. Sweet and spicy with a fresh twist.