Poultry & Game

Our free ranging pastured chicken, duck and goose all make for some delicious sausages. Moist and tender and with an ability to carry off some great flavours often combining really well with various fruits. Seasonally we also bring some of Devon’s bountiful supply of game birds into the mix. As with all of our sausages the herbs and spices are chopped, ground, mixed and blended fresh to our own recipe each week ready for you to enjoy.

  • Wonderfully juicy chicken sausage made with our own pastured poultry and sun dried tomato, feta and fresh Tarragon. A truly delicious alternative.

  • Duck & Fig

    Add £5.00

    A lovely dinner sausage featuring our pasture raised ducks combined with a home made fig jam to give a rich and extravagant flavour.

  • Flavours of the wild countryside with pheasant, blackberry, juniper, black pepper, garlic and a drop of fine sherry.