Inspired by the Americas

Difficult category to put together this one so we grouped all of our favourite Latin American recipes in with Caribbean, Creole, Cajun and even some well known North American delights to give you a wide choice of sausages from across the pond. An eclectic mix of flavours, styles and tastes certainly worth discovering and which compliment a vast range of cooking styles. If you are looking for an adventure, Go West!

  • A great IPA based Bratwurst recipe that is all about a quick easy meal – mustard relish, onions, sauerkraut however you take them, these are a great centre piece for a homemade hot dog feast. Gluten Free

  • Based on the famous Texan recipe these all beef links combine juicy, smoky, tender beef with a tasty local beer and plenty of tabasco sauce to give a nice fruity heat and a delicious snap. Gluten Free.

  • A nice smoky flavoured, all beef sausage with classic ‘hot dog’ seasonings of black pepper, onion, garlic and smoked paprika. Grills well to give a juicy inside and crispy delicious outside. Perfect with melted onions, pickles and mustard. Gluten Free

  • A lovely mix of garlic and spice. A lovely, rich yet accessible blend of flavours make this dusky Andouille a great choice either as is or as part of many ‘one pot’ classics such as Jambalayas and Gumbos and other stews. Perfect with seafood, rice and bean dishes. Gluten Free.

  • Unlike the mexican style chorizo this fresh Cuban recipe has sweet smoked paprka and lots of fresh coriander. Perfect with our bright Mojo sauce.

    8 sausages per pack. 440g minimum weight.


  • A fresh mexican chorizo with Ancho chillies, herbs and Tequila. Special order can be made extra hot with chili Piquin for those that know no fear! Gluten Free.



  • A moist juicy sausage from the Bayou with a firm, well placed, kick! Smoky and with plenty of cayenne. Not the raging heat of a Texas Hot Link but more rounded flavour. Gluten Free.

    Min pack weight 440g

  • The Gaucho

    Add £4.75

    Our prize winning recipe based on a meaty south american beef, pork & smoked bacon choripan with garlic infused red wine, fresh black pepper, garlic and plenty of sweet smoked paprika. Gluten Free.