French Inspired

Here are a selection of our favourite French style recipes. These sausages represent our own take on some classic flavours and whilst arguments will always rage about what ‘authentic’ means we feel they bring you a taste of teh French regions through our own home grown ingredients. Whether its in Cassoulets, Choucroute, Stews or simple sauces these all make a wonderful dinner sausages bursting with the flavour of fresh herbs, garlic and freshly ground peppers.

  • Alsace

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    A mild and delicate recipe from the French province of Alsace. Blended with a subtle and simple spice mix to create a delicious dinner sausage which lets the great flavours of our pork shine. Gluten Free.


  • Breton

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    Another authentic, simple country recipe with Quatre epices, Tarragon, Parsley and Chive. Typical of the saucisse found in markets throughout Brittany. Gluten Free.


    440g minimum weight.

  • Toulouse

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    Our take on the famous Haute-Garronne recipe with white wine, Garlic and fresh white pepper. Perfect either cooked alone or in a cassoulet. Gluten Free.