British Classics

Some varieties have really stood the test of time – if there was a Sausage Hall of Fame these guys would be The Stones, The Beatles or Tom Jones. We have studied, tweaked and perfected what we think are the best and most faithful recipes capturing the true spirit of these greats.

  • Everything about this British Butcher’s Classic is turned up to 11. Although based on our ‘classic banger’ spicing mix the recipe gives every element a little extra attention to detail to include lightly toasted breadcrumb, oak smoked fat and a wonderful dollop of Golden Syrup, making this a real 5 Star sausage that is absolutely everything a good banger should be.

  • A traditional ‘butchers’ sausage, nothing but good wholesome ingredients that give a satisfying flavour and a firm but juicy bite.


    8 sausages per pack. 440g minimum weight.

  • A faithfully blended mix of herbs and spices inspired by the great northern classic which brought together imported spices from the regions ports. Makes a tasty and memorable sausage for all occasions.


    8 sausages per pack. 440g minimum weight.

  • This was once the best selling banger in the Country. A real traditional midlands butchers recipe which uses scalded rice to retain the juices when cooking. This makes the Empire a great gluten free option without any compromise on that real sausage taste. Gluten Free.


  • Gloucester

    Add £5.00

    A traditional Cotswold recipe, fairly coarse ground, juicy and with a lovely mix of herbs. A good all rounder and just perfect for toad in the hole.

  • Lincolnshire

    Add £4.75

    A fantastic blend based on the traditional Lincolnshire butchers sausage, with sage and a nicely rounded blend of spices. A great everyday breakfast sausage which will never disappoint.


    8 sausages per pack. 440g minimum weight.

  • Leeks slow cooked in butter until they are soft and tender then mixed with homemade mustard, a nice blend of herbs to create a perfect supper time sausage.


    8 sausages per pack. 440g minimum weight.