For many years I have been involved with curing meats here at the farm and subsequently much further afield with recipe & process work, consulting, as well as admin roles and spreading the word through groups like The Salt Cured Pig and Great British Bacon Making etc.

Things may have seemed a little quiet of late on this front and this is down to a few things. One is getting behind my role as Head Judge for the first truly inclusive ‘British Charcuterie Awards’ with BBC Countryfile Live, which has taken a lot of time but, I hope, will help push the sector on to new ground and ever higher heights in the UK both in terms of quality products but also public perception and understanding of the craft.

Second though is something I look forward to being able to announce properly later in the year. Put briefly, I have been working with new partners on a project for over a year now on bringing a wonderful range of truly ‘British’ cured meats to a global market. This is exciting, but involves big change and will effectively see the end of on farm production as we look to meet the demands of a much wider market and an enjoyable search for perfection in Europe, America & Asia.

I will bring more news when the time comes, but for now I want to thank everyone who has been part of this journey so far and also thank my new partners for the opportunities that have developed as we have worked together.

Onward we go and I look forward to sharing some beautiful new things with you all soon when they become available in some fine establishments near and far.

Much love, John.

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