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    This is the fiery relation to our Porcini Rub. Still a real Umami bomb. Simple flavours that focus on really beefing up the beefiness, but then delivers a lovely warm Calabrian Peperoncino kicker at the end!

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    A great steak seasoning that just keeps on giving. Great complex spicing, gentle heat, good garlic blasts and a hint of citrus bring even the leaner sirloins to life!

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    ‘Peri Peri’ Sauce

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    Classic Spicy sauce for Cheeky Chicken! Made with dried African Birds-Eye chilli, our own roasted red pepper sauce and the finest herbs and spices. Caramelises beautifully for deliciously crispy coated grilled chicken every time.

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    A great fresh sweet & spicy orange BBQ sauce. Perfect as a glaze on Pork, Ham, Chicken and Duck dishes as well as a dipping sauce. (Also turns out to be fantastic with cheeses!) Made with fresh oranges, fresh zest and some lovely spices for that gentle kick at the end.

  • QWF_stickypigpork

    A beautifully seasoned, and highly addictive, marinade and glaze for ribs, chops, brushed on joints or just served on the side. Its a great alternative to the, generally much sweeter, US style sauces the best British ingredients make it thick, tangy, smokey and umami-y! Marinade for hours, then baste to finish with a shine. 250 ml.

  • 10541010_10152848198800729_952385575_n

    Our wonderful recipe Lamb marinade for classic Arrosticini skewers and any other grilled lamb dishes. Red wine, herbs and spices make it the perfect place to soak those meats before the grill, keeping the meat moist, rich and tender while the outside sears. 250 ml.

  • pork sheftalia 2
    An upside for customers resulting from our building work here:
    We have to move some of our freezer storage and so have decided to clear the stock presently in.
    Mixed random boxes of ten packs just £25 (all sorts of varieties: papas hotlinks, elgins marvels, sweet chilli & lime, chicken & sundried tomato, noo yoik beef, luganega, toulouse, testa rossa, etc etc etc)
    Thats a big saving and a great way to try some new ones out.
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    A six bottle pack consisting of Holy Cow, Goldie Lookin’ Sauce, RhubarBQ, Dirty Baste, Old Charlotte and One Eyed Jacks will have you covered for any BBQ situation. Mops, bastes and sweet, tangy and hot sauce options all in one purchase! Comes for a discounted price and with a free pack of our Adobo Cuban style pork rub. 6 x 250 ml.

  • QWF_chickenSDT3

    A supremely tasty grilling sausage, succulent chicken, smoked bacon and a creamy, yummy sauce binding it all together.

    Limited run summer special – these are so tasty it may be worth stocking up!

    Min pack weight 440g

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    Classic south american accompaniment to all meats. Made with fresh herbs with a hint of red chilli this bring everything it touches to life. Gets better with age too.

  • 11007416_10153080689100729_596956068_n

    A delicious ‘lazy Sunday Morning’ bacon cure, with real coffee, blood orange marmalade and dark muscavado sugar. Perfect in a croissant with the papers. We use selected extra thick bellies for our streaky as we feel this gives the best flavour.

    Min weight 250g

  • 11006004_10153080685295729_69730451_n

    A lovely subtle flavour. Hints of allspice, cumin and coriander make this a delicate warm bacon. Despite its unusual style it has become a firm favourite and popular alternative to the standard cures. We use selected extra thick bellies for our streaky as we feel this gives the best flavour.

    Min weight 250g

  • QWF_goldielookinsauce

    Our own take on a tangy mustard & herb BBQ sauce. A great alternative to the usual BBQ suspects and guaranteed to become a favourite, great a s a glaze for pork joints too.

  • grass fed beef

    This mix has been specifically blended to complement often leaner and more complex flavours of grass fed UK beef to highlight & intensify the natural flavours.

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    Our own recipe Hot Pepper Sauce – packed full of flavour as well as heat but handle with care!

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    Holy Cow

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    Our famous BBQ sauce. A hit since the days when we only made it to go with our pulled pork rolls. This sweet and smokey Kansas style sauce will add a real punch to any meats. You will never want to be without a bottle in the cupboard.

  • 11082882_10153140847140729_1253950111_n

    A delicious fragrant cure, with Manuka Honey, Fresh Rosemary and a little freshly ground black pepper. This is a great recipe bacon. A real treat. We use selected extra thick bellies for our streaky as we feel this gives the best flavour.

    Min weight 250g

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    Jerk Seasoning

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    A great Jamaican style Jerk seasoning to use as a dry rub or make up as a paste. Made with Scotch bonnets and smoked Birds eye chilies so flavourful as well as hot, some great raw sugar sweet notes and fresh ground Pimento.

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    Latin Lamb Rub

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    A great earthy blend of herbs and spices inspired by Central and South American Grilling. Perfect on Smoked and Fire Roasted Lamb, Mutton and Goat but great too with chicken and fish or as a spice mix for sauces, casseroles and stews.

  • leek and mustard

    Each month we make eight varieties of our famous fresh sausages from the range (which now numbers 150 different styles!).

    These mixed boxes offer a nice wide range of flavours and allow customers, over the months, to sample styles and varieties that they never have tried, maybe never even heard of.

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    Porcini Beef Rub

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    This is our Umami bomb. Simple flavours that focus on really beefing up the beefiness! This rub is a great all rounder for any beef joint be it smoked, roasted or grilled.

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  • peri chick

    Our perfect Peri-Peri dry rub seasoning featuring a lively blend of herbs and spices, a little sweetness and a flavourful smack of African Birds Eye pepper Plus Our great Peri – Peri Sauce made with Birds Eye peppers, fire roasted sweet red peppers & fragrant Oregano.