• A great fresh sweet & spicy orange BBQ sauce. Perfect as a glaze on Pork, Ham, Chicken and Duck dishes as well as a dipping sauce. (Also turns out to be fantastic with cheeses!) Made with fresh oranges, fresh zest and some lovely spices for that gentle kick at the end.

  • A beautifully seasoned, and highly addictive, marinade and glaze for ribs, chops, brushed on joints or just served on the side. Its a great alternative to the, generally much sweeter, US style sauces the best British ingredients make it thick, tangy, smokey and umami-y! Marinade for hours, then baste to finish with a shine. 250 ml.

  • Our wonderful recipe Lamb marinade for classic Arrosticini skewers and any other grilled lamb dishes. Red wine, herbs and spices make it the perfect place to soak those meats before the grill, keeping the meat moist, rich and tender while the outside sears. 250 ml.

  • Chimichurri

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    Classic south american accompaniment to all meats. Made with fresh herbs with a hint of red chilli this bring everything it touches to life. Gets better with age too.

  • Our own take on a tangy mustard & herb BBQ sauce. A great alternative to the usual BBQ suspects and guaranteed to become a favourite, great a s a glaze for pork joints too.

  • Holy Cow

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    Our famous BBQ sauce. A hit since the days when we only made it to go with our pulled pork rolls. This sweet and smokey Kansas style sauce will add a real punch to any meats. You will never want to be without a bottle in the cupboard.

  • We took our popular ‘Goldie Lookin’ Sauce’ and Pimped it big style! More spice, some great balanced flavour and cooked down wit a ton of Honey for a sweet honey and mustard flavour with a gentle warm hit of black pepper in the finish. Perfect for use ‘as is’ giving a great finish, that sets nicely when used as a glaze, great dipping side sauce.

  • ‘Hot Candy’ Is our bright new sauce with a kick! Candy apple red shine, long steady heat giving a french polish finish on ribs and chicken or just a fantastic, addictive, dipping sauce on the side with anything!

  • ‘Hot Dang Tang!’ tastes just like it sounds. A thin but sticky sauce that also works as a great high sheen glaze. Nice and spicy with a good sweet & sour banjo twang in the finish!

    Delicious on pork shoulder, ribs and anything chicken.

    Comes in a 1 litre squeezy bottle.

  • This is an all round, multi purpose, competition style BBQ sauce. Sweet, Smoky and with a nice balanced spicing. Perfect for use ‘as is’ giving a great finish, that sets nicely when used as a glaze, great dipping side sauce and a great base for blending, especially with some of the other Pit smoked sauces in the range such as ‘Hot Dang Tang’.

  • The all new line up ‘Wing Ting Clan’ offers two part wing kits in a whole range of styles each comprising of a great base and finishing dust along with a sauce & glaze. Have ’em any which way you want

    Comes as 250ml Shaker tub and 250ml Squeezy Bottle combo.

  • Introducing our new 3 part Competition style Rib kit. Thoroughly tried and tested until we felt it was ready for release. The kit comprises Rub, Foiling Mix and Glaze to give the perfect layered sticky heat & sweet, with a high gloss shine to finish.

  • We have a few bottles of our Christmas special ‘Truly Plumtious’ BBQ sauce left in stock. We decided the perfect answer was to pair them up with our cracking ‘Zui Hao’ Rub so that you could have the perfect Chinese style duck.