Marinades & Rubs

  • The best! A sumptuous recipe full of aromatic spices, floral herbs and citrus freshness make this a royal treat on any meats, our rub of choice on pork loin roasts. 100g.

  • After years of experimentation we finally hit upon a mix that works just as well with any of the Shawarma Holy Trinity, Lamb, Chicken or Beef meaning easy and delicious homemade Shawarma, Kebabs & Kofte whenever you fancy!

    Stay in for Take Out!

  • A great steak seasoning that just keeps on giving. Great complex spicing, gentle heat, good garlic blasts and a hint of citrus bring even the leaner sirloins to life!

  • Lovely ‘big easy’ flavours. A big favourite here. Brings a creole flavour to the grill so perfect for poultry, seafood and a great easy cheat in gumbos and jambalaya. Nice heat with great mix of herbs for real depth of flavour. 100g.

  • A great lovely herbal mix with our take on a classic adobo style rub. Perfect on slow cooked pork, grilled pork, all poultry, fish – in fact just about anything you can lay your hands on. A real winner on whole hog cooks too. 100g.

  • This mix has been specifically blended to complement often leaner and more complex flavours of grass fed UK beef to highlight & intensify the natural flavours.

  • A great Jamaican style Jerk seasoning to use as a dry rub or make up as a paste. Made with Scotch bonnets and smoked Birds eye chilies so flavourful as well as hot, some great raw sugar sweet notes and fresh ground Pimento.

  • A great earthy blend of herbs and spices inspired by Central and South American Grilling. Perfect on Smoked and Fire Roasted Lamb, Mutton and Goat but great too with chicken and fish or as a spice mix for sauces, casseroles and stews.

  • Mocha Rub

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    A wonderful dry rub with coffee, chocolate, cumin, chipotle and other freshly ground spices gives a wonderful earthy heat to the crust of your meats.   100g

  • A fine textured, full flavoured rub to provide the perfect base on those Chicken cooks. Beautifully balanced for heat & sweet with moreish savoury notes and a faint citrus palate cleanse – those judges will want more than just one bite!

    Works equally well under any of the ‘Pit smoked’ Sauces for a knockout combination!

  • Now we cook a lot of pigs here, it’s what we do! and this Rub is the pinnacle of all of our years of experience and experimentation.

    Simply the perfect Rub for pork Shoulder, Ribs or whole hog cooks (sure, its pretty good on anything else too!) It works as a standalone finish for your pulled meats but also as the ideal base under any of the Pit Smoked Sauces & Glazes.

  • Here we go folks! at last we have rolled out a formidable comp style brisket rub. Designed to really bring out the flavours of the beef, good bark development characteristics and a nice gentle but complex heat with hints of coffee and a touch of sweetness in there too. An all round knockout punch! We know the Comp circuit can be a little competitive, but this is Serious Beef! so bring it!


  • ‘Sweet Licks’ is a fine textured rub to provide the perfect way to provide a layer of complex sweetness either as a base or on top of spicier rubs. Beautifully balanced mixture of natural sugars that will allow you to tweak and perfect your finish!

  • The all new line up ‘Wing Ting Clan’ offers two part wing kits in a whole range of styles each comprising of a great base and finishing dust along with a sauce & glaze. Have ’em any which way you want

    Comes as 250ml Shaker tub and 250ml Squeezy Bottle combo.

  • Introducing our new 3 part Competition style Rib kit. Thoroughly tried and tested until we felt it was ready for release. The kit comprises Rub, Foiling Mix and Glaze to give the perfect layered sticky heat & sweet, with a high gloss shine to finish.

  • A real game changer folks! – designed for the typically leaner British and Irish Briskets this rub can help ensure massively improved results with a really moist, juicy cook, extra tenderness and full flavour retention along with a subtle spice blend and excellent bark forming elements.

  • This is our Umami bomb. Simple flavours that focus on really beefing up the beefiness! This rub is a great all rounder for any beef joint be it smoked, roasted or grilled.

  • This is a lovely rich mix that gives a nice dark crustiness, good hint of caramelisation and perfect all round smoky seasoning with a dash of espresso.

  • Rib Tickler

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    Ideal dry rub for ribs, either used sparingly before sauce or a bit more generously for a great caramelised crust if going without the wet stuff. A nice gentle kiss of heat and bags of flavour. 100g.

  • A great north African style mix, ideal for lamb, brings that distinctive fragrant, almost sweet, spiced flavour and a wonderful crust to grilled and smoked meats or helps develop a wonderful richness to sauces or the tagine. 100g.

  • We have a few bottles of our Christmas special ‘Truly Plumtious’ BBQ sauce left in stock. We decided the perfect answer was to pair them up with our cracking ‘Zui Hao’ Rub so that you could have the perfect Chinese style duck.

  • Zui Hao Rub

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    A great fragrant rub made with a blend of Asian spices that brings those eastern inspired dishes to life. Great with belly pork, chicken and fish, supreme on Duck! Its the Best!!

    Min Weight 100g