‘Papi Chulo’ Set


The first of our new line in strictly ‘Limited Edition’ sets. There will only be 100 of any of these made, totally unique and bringing a world of new flavours and recipe ideas into play. We will do a different ‘Limited Edition’ Set every couple of months but when they are gone, they are gone!

First up is the sumptuous sweet heat of the ‘Papi Chulo’ Mexirub and Mexiglaze combo.

A beautiful subtle mix of great chilli’s gives gentle, fruity background heat that never bullies what else is going on. The Glaze is an Agave syrup giving shine and sweetness but with added depth from various spices and some extra smoky chilli zing.

Perfect for a whole new take on ribs, pork belly and anything chicken!

Set comprises 100g of Dry Rub & 250ml of  Hi-Gloss Glaze


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