NEW! ‘Serious Beef’ Brisket & Shorty Rub


The New dedicated Quiet Waters BBQ ‘Pit Smoked’ Range of products brings brand new recipe Rubs, Sauces & Glazes. All of them have been painstakingly developed, and, being Quiet Waters, are hand blended, high quality natural ingredients made ‘small batch fresh’ for the best BBQ results you could hope for, at home or in the Competition circuit!

Here we go folks! at last we have rolled out a formidable comp style brisket rub.

Designed to really bring out the flavours of the beef, good bark development characteristics and a nice gentle but complex heat with hints of coffee and a touch of sweetness in there too. An all round knockout punch!

We know the Comp circuit can be a little competitive, but this is Serious Beef! so bring it!

Comes in a handy 500ml shaker tub.

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