NEW! ‘Honey on the Money’ Sauce & Glaze


The New dedicated Quiet Waters BBQ ‘Pit Smoked’ Range of products brings brand new recipe Rubs, Sauces & Glazes. All of them have been painstakingly developed, and, being Quiet Waters, are hand blended, high quality natural ingredients made ‘small batch fresh’ for the best BBQ results you could hope for, at home or in the Competition circuit!

We took our popular ‘Goldie Lookin’ Sauce’ and Pimped it big style! More spice, some great balanced flavour and cooked down wit a ton of Honey for a sweet honey and mustard flavour with a gentle warm hit of black pepper in the finish. Perfect for use ‘as is’ giving a great finish, that sets nicely when used as a glaze, great dipping side sauce.

One to never be without. Comes in a handy 1 Litre squeezy bottle.

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