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Slow grown, pasture raised and fresh fed natural Pork

We are very please to be able to announce the return of our fresh pastured pork to the farm shop next month.

For a long time, everything we have been able to produce has gone directly to meet the demand for our charcuterie or event catering products and so fresh cuts of our delicious pork have not been available. That all changes soon, with the first batch from our new expanded herd!

All of our pigs are raised in the way we always have here which is outdoors, on pasture, with no antibiotics or drugs of any kind and crucially no concentrated feeds. Instead, they get their minerals and medicines from deep rooted herbs and garlic and their sustenance from a broad mix of wild grown grasses and foliage as well as fresh feeds that we provide in the form of root vegetables, brassicas and fruit.

This takes a lot longer than the industry standard approach, but that was never what we were all about. What it provides is a great life, a much slower, steadier growth rate, allowing the meat to develop fantastic flavour and colour to give an end product that we believe is unrivalled.

All of our pigs are crossed traditional breeds, full of vigour, character and the traits we like to see in our meat, providing a good but not excessive fat covering, darker red muscle and great crackling.

To begin with, our meat will be available as a traditionally cut side of pork, all nicely hung, then carefully butchered and packed fresh for you. Each box will consist of the following:

  • 2 x Boned and rolled Leg joints
  • 1 x ½ Belly roasting joint
  • 1 x ½ Belly in slices
  • 1 x ½ Bone in Loin roasting joint
  • 1 x ½ Loin as boneless chops
  • 1 x Shoulder Joint
  • 1 x Hock
  • 1 x Tenderloin
  • 2 x 500g Diced pork
  • 2 x 500g Minced Pork
  • 2 x Trotters for stock

All for an introductory special offer of £140, Ex next day delivery.