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Beef Rubs

Our range of rubs, sauces and marinades has been steadily growing this year and we are pleased to confirm that some of the small batch and limited run recipes that we have done for specific events are now being made up for retail sale and will be up on the site and, hopefully, also through our on line retail partners  www.hotsmoked.co.uk very shortly.

By way of introduction we thought it a good idea to run through some of these in a series on short news articles. So this one – BEEF RUBS

Mocha Rub: Great on Brisket and Short Rib it brings a smoky sweetness from the chocolate, a subtle heat from the Chipotle and cracked Cumin without ever over powering the meat. Fantastic bark too, especially if you build up several light layers through the cook.

Porcini Rub: This is our Umami bomb. Simple flavours that focus on really beefing up the beefiness! This rub is a great all rounder for any beef joint be it smoked, roasted or grilled. The spice mix just seasons nicely whilst the blend of other ingredients (including a blend of dried mushrooms) locks in the flavour, accentuates and improves all of those natural beef notes. Funky Porcini is available as an option and includes a nice little hit of peperoncino heat too.

Grass Fed Beef Rub: So many US derived beef rubs, although often great in flavour, are most suited to the grain fed (and lets face it, drug fueled) US beef. This mix has been specifically blended to complement often leaner and more complex flavours of grass fed UK beef with its higher lactic acid and mineral (especially iron) content. The spices in this rubs interact with these qualities to highlight & intensify the natural flavours, help tenderise the lean muscle fibres and draw out the sweet notes of beef raised on our native pastures.

Rosbif’ Herb Rub: This is a fantastic beef rub that forms a fantastic aromatic and almost light crumb coating. Finest quality dried and coarsely ground herbs, lovely balance of garlic an pepper and then a subtle little kick of heat from a mix of smoked chillies. Great on roasts as well as BBQ for the best tasting bark around.

Quiet Waters House Rub: Our ‘All Purpose House Rubs’ are finally going on sale. These are the rubs that we often use on just about everything when we cook as they act as great general seasoning mixes as well as perfect foundations other layers of bastes, glazes or sauces. These are always in the cupboard and are the ‘go to’ ingredients in our kitchen and at events. Ideal for chicken, pork, beef or pretty much anything else for that matter.

Dark: This is a lovely rich mix that gives a nice dark crustiness, good hint of caramelisation and perfect all round smoky seasoning with a dash of espresso.

Light: This is a great seasoning salt mix that will ensure a good crisp finish, hints of freshly ground pepper and a nice balanced sweet smokiness.


All of these rubs can be used as they are sprinkled and rubbed into the meat before cooking or alternatively mixed with a little oil or prepared mustard to create a paste to be spread on the meat’s surface.

As with all of our products they are made from only the finest, freshest natural ingredients, blended by us and contain no preservatives, additives, or other long named nasties commonly found in other rubs.

In our view they are a great way to make good food even better.